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Franky Dast Mysteries


An "engrossing series launch." "Readers will want to see more of the complex Dast, who's both fragile and strong, cynical and naive."

                              – Publishers Weekly                         

 "This gorgeously crafted, shudderingly dark novel blends the genres of psychological thriller and murder mystery.” “Masterfully setting in motion his main character’s goals and the array of blocking forces, the author carefully orchestrates the larger and smaller revelations, the successes and failures along Franky’s path, into a thundering coda of suspense.”

                           – Naples Florida Weekly

          “Like your noir pitch-black? So does Wiley.”

                                    – Kirkus

     Monument Road “will likely launch the writer to new heights.”

                              – Library Journal

           “This Florida-based tale is a must for fans of noir.”

                                  – Bolo Books

Monument Road by Michael Wiley is a riveting mystery.” “This first installment in the Franky Dast Mystery series is sure to be a hit with fans of the genre.”

                     – Book Reviews & More by Kathy

Monument Road

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