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A Bad Night’s Sleep wins the
2012 Best Hardcover PI Novel Shamus Award

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A Bad Night's Sleep

Cover of A Bad Night's SleepA Bad Night’s Sleep

One of the "Best Books of 2011": “The opening of Wiley’s latest Joe Kozmarski adventure (after 2010’sThe Bad Kitty Lounge) is so good it’s unlikely the rest of the book could ever quite measure up. But it comes very, very close, making it definitely one of my favorite reads of 2011.”

January Magazine


“Michael Wiley mixes two mainstays of the hard-boiled novel – the cynical hero and a gritty plot – into an invigorating plot. In Wiley's hands, the ex-alcoholic, former cop turned private detective seems like a fresh idea. That's because Wiley refuses to allow any predictable plot twists to mar A Bad Night's Sleep and makes sure his Chicago investigator, Joe Kozmarski, barely has time to take a deep breath. The reader will be on edge.”

The Sun-Sentinel and The Miami Herald

“This is an excellent reminder of why we've loved gritty P.I. stories since Spade and Marlowe first hit the mean streets. You'll sleep well knowing you've read another fine story to be put on the shelf in the private eye wing of your collection.”

– Suspense Magazine

“Fans of gritty PI novels will relish Shamus-finalist Wiley's third mystery featuring Chicago detective Joe Kozmarski. Kozmarski, a well-developed flawed hero, would be right at home in a Chandler or Hammett novel. The relentless pacing makes the pages fly by, and the hard-edged prose is bracing.”

– Publishers Weekly (starred revew)

A Bad Night’s Sleep is “Fast, furious and fun. Readers who like them hard-boiled will love this 22-minute egg.”

– Kirkus Reviews

A Bad Night’s Sleep shows author Michael Wiley at his down-and-dirty hardcore P.I. best. His terse sentences couple perfectly with the slam-bang action as Kozmarski finds himself in very, very deep trouble right from the stunning opening chapter. Wiley’s fast-paced style and facility with action scenes will keep you going, rooting for the P.I. in all of his predicaments, and thrilling at the very dangerous game he plays with just about everyone involved.”

- Bookgasm

Michael Wiley is “a leader of the pack. With a clear hand and unrelenting pace, he pulls the reader into the mystery as it deepens and swirls like a blinding Chicago blizzard.”

– Florida Times-Union

Shootouts, betrayals, corruption, violence, narrow escapes, and more betrayals keep things moving and deliciously off-kilter, so that readers are never quite sure where the next hit is coming from. The author manages to keep the occasionally high-flying plot grounded with clean, taut prose and an appealing grit that melds perfectly with his beleaguered Everyman hero. Another solid entry in a series that never fails to get the job done.”

– Mystery Scene Magazine

“The latest Chicago private investigative Kozmarski Noir . . . is a terrific gritty thriller that grips the audience with the opening shootout and never takes a respite as the beleaguered hero struggles to survive on the mean streets. . . . Readers will have A Bad Night’s Sleep as this exciting tale is difficult to put down.”

– The Mystery Gazette

“[A] fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller, . . . A Bad Night's Sleep is a pumped-up crime drama with lots of car chases, gun shooting and beautiful women in peril. It’s modern noir at its best.”

– Gumshoe Review

“In Michael Wiley's dark-souled detective, his cynical cops, his convincing story, we get a gripping classic PI novel, with this enormous bonus: this guy can WRITE. Clean, sharp, breathtaking prose.”

– SJ Rozan, Edgar-winning author of On the Line

"A Bad Night's Sleep is a terrific read that will indeed cost readers some sleep. Michael Wiley pulls you into the action on page one and doesn't let up until the last satisfying chapter."

– Alafair Burke, author of Long Gone

A Bad Night’s Sleep is top-notch P.I. reading. Wiley knows how to keep the fires stoked."

– John Lutz, New York Times bestselling, Edgar- and
Shamus-winning author

“Sobering, tough, and hard-boiled, Michael Wiley's A Bad Night's Sleep is a great read – a slick and suspenseful tale of corruption and redemption in the Windy City, from a terrific PI writer at the top of his game.”

– Kelli Stanley, Bestselling, Bruce Alexander Award-winning author of City of Dragons and The Curse-Maker

Here’s a ride along the razor’s edge. Nobody attends church in Michael Wiley’s hard-charging tour with an ex-cop out along the moral boundaries. Wiley offers an unfazed look into the heart of corruption, hammering on the thriller pedal as he drives deep into Chicago’s underbelly.

– Kirk Russell, author of Redback and the John Marquez novels

The Bad Kitty Lounge:

Bad Kitty Lounge Book Cover

A mystery about a dead nun with an inconvenient past and an indiscreet tattoo.





Praise for The Bad Kitty Lounge

The Bad Kitty Lounge
“is stylish, and ranges from melancholic to howlingly funny.”

— Booklist Magazine

“effectively tells a brutal story. If you like tough thrillers, this is for you.”

The Washington Times

is “a tidy, gritty tale about the legacy of violence, greed and family ties.”

The Sun-Sentinel

“expertly shows myriad complex relationships and the motives behind violent behavior.”

The Miami Herald

“keeps us guessing to the end.”

The Library Journal (Starred Review)

is “strong second mystery [that] . . .  has plenty of grit, and . . . suits Chicago fine.”

Publishers Weekly

is “Another winner. If you like PI novels you really need to get this."

— CrimeSpree Magazine

“is a superb Chicago Noir. The audience will enjoy this fabulous investigative thriller as the spins and twists keep the reader off kilter throughout.”

The Mystery Gazette

The Last Striptease:

Last Striptease Cover



Shamus Award nominee
PWA/SMP "Best" winner.





The Critics agree. The Last Striptease is –

"A stylish and savvy page-turner. Riveting."

— Chicago Tribune

“A murder mystery that will keep readers up past their bed time.”

— Florida Times-Union

“Delightful. A hoot from beginning to end.”

— Toronto Globe and Mail

“One heck of a mystery! A definite winner.”

— barnesandnoble.com, Feature Mystery

“Superb entertainment.”

— Book Loons

“Hard-boiled fiction with tenderness and compassion.”

— New York Newsday (and The Bloomberg Report)

“A highly recommended read for all those who love good storytelling.”

— Mystery Scene Magazine

“Seamless, well thought out, entertaining and intelligent crime fiction.”

— Crimespree Magazine

“A classic detective story.”

— I Love a Mystery

“A fast-paced, entertaining read.”

— Publishers Weekly


— Gumshoe Review

"Wiley is a welcome addition to the ranks of great PI writers"

CrimeSpree Magazine