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Blue Avenue

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Publication date: USA 1 December 2014, UK 28 August 2014

Summoned to identify the trussed-up, naked body of a woman found in a pile of garbage on Blue Avenue, Florida businessman William Byrd recognizes the victim as Belinda Mabry, the girl with whom he spent a passionate summer 25 years before. Determined to find out what happened to the woman he once loved, Byrd must revisit his own troubled past.

A Bad Night's Sleep




Acclaim for A Bad Night's Sleep

Winner of the Shamus Award for Best Novel One of the Best Books of 2011. “Definitely one of my favorite reads of 2011.” – January Magazine

“The reader will be on edge.” – The Sun-Sentinel and The Miami Herald

“An excellent reminder of why we've loved gritty P.I. stories since Spade and Marlowe first hit the mean streets.” – Suspense Magazine

“The relentless pacing makes the pages fly by, and the hard-edged prose is bracing.” – Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Fast, furious and fun. Readers who like them hard-boiled will love this 22-minute egg.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Michael Wiley at his down-and-dirty hardcore P.I. best.” - Bookgasm

Michael Wiley is “a leader of the pack.” – Florida Times-Union

“Clean, taut prose and an appealing grit that melds perfectly with [the] beleaguered Everyman hero.” – Mystery Scene Magazine

“A terrific gritty thriller that grips the audience with the opening shootout and never takes a respite.” – The Mystery Gazette

“A fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller. Modern noir at its best.” – Gumshoe Review

“A gripping classic PI novel, with this enormous bonus: this guy can WRITE. Clean, sharp, breathtaking prose.” – SJ Rozan, Edgar-winning author of On the Line

"A terrific read that will indeed cost readers some sleep." – Alafair Burke, author of Long Gone

“Top-notch P.I. reading. Wiley knows how to keep the fires stoked." – John Lutz, New York Times bestselling, Edgar- and Shamus-winning author

The Bad Kitty Lounge




“is stylish, and ranges from melancholic to howlingly funny.” — Booklist

“effectively tells a brutal story. If you like tough thrillers, this is for you.” — The Washington Times

is “a tidy, gritty tale about the legacy of violence, greed and family ties . . . expertly shows myriad complex relationships and the motives behind violent behavior.” — The Sun-Sentinel

“keeps us guessing to the end.” — The Library Journal (Starred Review)

“has plenty of grit, and . . . suits Chicago fine.” — Publishers Weekly

is “another winner. If you like PI novels you really need to get this." — Crimespree Magazine

“is a superb Chicago Noir. The audience will enjoy this fabulous investigative thriller as the spins and twists keep the reader off kilter throughout.” — The Mystery Gazette

The Last Striptease




Private Eye Writers of America and St. Martin’s Press Best First Novel Award

Nominee for Shamus Award for Best First Novel

Acclaim for The Last Striptease

"A stylish and savvy page-turner. Riveting." — Chicago Tribune

“A murder mystery that will keep readers up past their bed time.” — Florida Times-Union

“Delightful. A hoot from beginning to end.” — Toronto Globe and Mail

“One heck of a mystery! A definite winner.” — barnesandnoble.com, Feature Mystery

“Superb entertainment.” — Book Loons

“Hard-boiled fiction with tenderness and compassion.” — New York Newsday and The Bloomberg Report

“A highly recommended read for all those who love good storytelling.” — Mystery Scene Magazine

“Seamless, well thought out, entertaining and intelligent crime fiction.” — Crimespree Magazine

“A classic detective story.” — I Love a Mystery

“A fast-paced, entertaining read.” — Publishers Weekly

“Terrific.” — Gumshoe Review